Healthcare Starz


Connecting the best healthcare professional coast to coast

Healthcare Starz makes the right connections

With a reach that travels clear across the Continental United States, Healthcare Starz specializes in connecting the best Healthcare Professionals with the best healthcare facilities from coast-to-coast including Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands.


Our philosophy of building long-lasting professional partnerships with our clientele is one that we'll continue to improve upon by ensuring that these relationships last well beyond finding them their perfect job.

A customized approach

In addition to qualifying what kind of job opportunities our candidates are looking for, we also invest a great deal of time learning more about the person - their interests, their hobbies, and their career goals. Our process is a customized approach for each individual based on the information they share with us so we can position ourselves as career counselors, not just headhunters. This approach dramatically increases the probability of our team matching the right individuals with their ideal job.

Healthcare Starz also spends a considerable amount of time getting to know our healthcare facilities which enable us to be better equipped to understand who fits best in their work environments. This learning process plays a critical role in helping us identify candidates that will be long-term hires; driving down hiring costs, building department stability, increasing employee retention, and reducing employee turnover.

Serving as an advocate for both our candidates and clients helps make us a valuable contributor to improving patient care in the healthcare community – which is really what drives us every day.