Healthcare Starz


Stepping out from the crowd

War For Talent

In today’s competitive healthcare sector, there is a vicious “War For Talent” that is rapidly becoming a serious financial concern for healthcare facilities across the country. The shrinking pool of seasoned healthcare professionals combined with fewer newly trained graduates is leaving this country with a gaping hole to care for our aging population.

What Do You Do?

Healthcare Starz focuses its operations around two core jobs – recruiting healthcare professionals and matching them with our clients' most critical job openings. We partner with healthcare facilities throughout the country by becoming an extension of their Human Resources Department to assist them with finding the top talent in the industry.

Our clients have found success working with us because we’ve demonstrated that it’s not about filling more jobs at your facility, but instead finding the right individuals for your specific jobs. We’d Like To Do The Same For You!

Our team has the know-how to assist you with direct placement recruitment through both a contingency search and/or a retained search.