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A Network of Healthcare Facilities are looking for you

Our commitment to you is dedicating our focused resources and time into finding you the type of job you want in the location you want. Partnering with Healthcare Starz will be your best resource for uncovering the highest paying Local & Travel Physical Therapist contracts, Occupational Therapist contracts, Speech Language Pathologist contracts, and Nursing contracts.

Posting your resume online or sending your resume directly to jobs you see on the internet is a way of the past. Healthcare Starz Has A Better Way.

  • First, we talk to each other and establish an open and honest dialogue about what you and/or your family’s needs are.

  • Next, we work with you to assess what types of facilities your skills would fit best in.

  • We then discuss an overview of where the best Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, and Nursing jobs are in the markets where you are searching

  • We then help educate you on what the market is paying for your specific skill set, taking into account your level of experience and any advanced education and certifications you may have. Our team will then commit itself to finding you a position that matches what you are looking for versus our clients’ hottest jobs.

  • Finally, we will ask your permission to submit your credentials to those jobs you wish to interview for. And, the best part is that all of our services are free to you with no obligation.