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Where Our Goal Is To Meet Your Goals

Partnering with Healthcare Starz as a means to help find you that perfect healthcare job is a very smart decision. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on your behalf, and we will demonstrate our gratitude by making your experience with us a pleasant one.

You can feel confident that we will always treat you as if you are the only professional we are working for; this we guarantee!

It is our goal to find you a job that meets both your professional and personal goals. So don’t be surprised when we actually listen to your needs and deliver the job you expected all along. That is why so many of the people that work with Healthcare Starz have worked with us in the past, and why they trust us to refer their friends and peers.

Healthcare Starz makes your career decisions simple.  Whether you are a Traveling Physical Therapist exploring different regions of the country, a Speech Language Pathologist looking for a local contract in your current city, or a CVICU Nurse open to any job, anywhere – we are with you all the way.  Our Healthcare Professionals consistently experience:

  • Customizable Pay Packages - We realize our traveling therapists and nurses have different needs in different places so we make it easy by allowing you to tailor your compensation on each and every assignment.

  • National Benefits - Healthcare Starz has terrific benefits for everyone including Health, Dental, Vision, Life, 401K, and more

  • Housing Solutions – As a Traveling Healthcare Professional, we understand the challenges of moving. We offer fully furnished private housing solutions that are safe, clean, and ready to move in to the day you arrive. In addition, we offer Housing Stipends & Meals/Incidental Stipends for those of you that do not need our help with living arrangements.