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Pile up the dollars

Every time you refer a healthcare Professional, you get paid. It's That Simple!

Refer a Healthcare ProfessionalWho else do you know that would appreciate working with Healthcare Starz as much as you do?

We promise to take care of everyone you refer us with the same service you've become accustomed to receiving. This we guarantee!

Regardless of whether you are referring a Physical Therapist, Traveling Nurse, Pharmacist, Speech Therapist, or other Healthcare Professional, our referral rewards are unlimited!

Our Starz Referral Rewards Program is second to none. We offer two great ways to earn as many referral dollars as you can spend. There's no cap so the more people you refer . . . the more money you'll get in return. This is how it works:

  1. If you are not a W-2 employee working for Healthcare Starz . . .no problem. You can still earn unlimited bonus money. For every Healthcare Professional you refer that we put to work, we will pay you a $500 referral bonus after he/she completes 520 hours as a contractor, or three months employment for a permanent placement.
  2. If you are currently a W-2 employee working for Healthcare Starz, earning referral monies has never been this rewarding. We'll pay you $1.25 for every hour your referred Healthcare Professional works . . . forever*.  Who else can promise you that?
  • You refer us a Healthcare professional
  • They begin working at a Healthcare Starz Client
  • You receive $1.25/hour for every hour they work

For Example:

Healthcare Professional YOU referred to Healthcare Starz:
Healthcare Professional
Hours Worked
Referral Fee Paid
per Hour Worked
after 1st 30 days on Payroll
Total Monthly
Referral Fee
Annualized Referral Fee
(assumes HCP stays on payroll continuously for entire year)
JOE works in Open Heart ICU

CVICU RN 156 $1.25 $195.00 $2,340
SUE rehabs geriatric patients at a Skilled Nursing Facility
Occupational Therapist 173 $1.25 $216.25 $2,595
LILLY helps kids with speech impediments in a school
Speech Therapist 173 $1.25 $216.25 $2,595

TOTALS 502 $3.75 $627.50 $7,530


  • To receive your Healthcare Starz Referral Reward, you must be an active W-2 employee with Healthcare Starz.
  • If you have been off payroll as a Healthcare Starz W-2 employee for more than three consecutive weeks, you forfeit all residual referral rewards you are earning on the Healthcare Professionals you’ve referred.
  • Payment of residual referral rewards will commence once your referred Healthcare contractor/traveler has been a Healthcare Starz W-2 employee for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Previous contractors/travelers will be considered “new” referrals only if they have not been a Healthcare Starz W-2 employee within the 12 months.
  • All Healthcare Starz Referral rewards earned will be paid once per month, on the last pay period of the month
  • Earned referral rewards shall be calculated based on the previous month's hours worked by your referred Healthcare Professional
  • Referral rewards shall not be calculated on call back hours, charge hours, or on call hours.
  • Healthcare Starz Referral Rewards are subject to change without notice